Take your road test with Top Driver!   $99

Top Driver is now an approved provider of the IL SOS Cooperative Road Test (CRT). Students who take and pass the CRT with Top Driver will then only need to schedule a standard 15-minute licensing appointment with IL SOS at the time of licensure.

Benefits of Testing with Top Driver

  • Avoid the difficulty of scheduling an appointment at an IL SOS facility.
  • One hour CRT testing appointments can be scheduled at many of our Top Driver Education centers.
  • Varied appointment options. Choose what best suits you!
  • No waiting! Schedule immediately after completion of your Driver Education program. No need to wait until you are 16.
  • Complete your Road Test at a conveniently located Top Driver location near you!
  • No need to pass a vehicle inspection. Road Tests are conducted in state approved Top Driver training vehicles – same student used for training.

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Must pass the final written exam with a minimum of 80% on the first attempt
  • Must pass in-vehicle evaluation on Lesson 6.
  • Must complete six hours of behind the wheel instruction and six hours of observation or 8 hours of behind the wheel instruction.
  • Must submit Grade Verification Form to Top Driver
  • Must have a zero balance

State Requirements

  • Road Tests may only be scheduled during daylight hours
  • All testing routes are pre-approved by the state.

Please call 1.800.374.8373 to confirm your student’s eligibility, to schedule or if you have additional questions.