Driver Education High School Partners

Let Top Driver deliver premium driver education services in your high school to your students. In our High School Partnership Program, Top Driver will provide:

  • The instructors
  • The curriculum and all of the materials
  • The vehicles and the associated insurance
  • All related customer service including an 800 number and web site that parents or students can always use
  • All scheduling for the classroom and behind the wheel lessons

Top Driver provides all of this at no cost to the school.

We ask you to provide some very basic things in return.

  1. Access to a quality classroom.
  2. Help promoting the program to students and their parents. Examples of successful promotions include: school newspaper announcements, school web site announcements, signage in the school, etc.

High School Partnership Benefits

The Top Driver High School Partnership Program offers you a number of benefits:

  • Foremost, it is a valuable additional service you can offer your students and their parents
  • It is a high-quality educational offering consistent with your quality standards
  • It provides significant cost savings vs. offering driver education on your own
  • We can provide on-going reports to you on enrollments and other information you may need
  • Top Driver can also be a potential part-time employment opportunity for your faculty after school or over the summer
  • And, you are making a major contribution to developing safer, intelligent drivers

The Top Driver Program also offers great benefits to your students:

  • Convenience — They can take driver education classes right at their high school
  • If they miss a class, they can still attend the class in one of our nearby Education Centers
  • We can conduct classes at special times to accommodate students participating in extra-curricular programs
  • They get the highest-quality driver education
  • Most importantly for them, that education will last them for a lifetime of safe, intelligent driving!

Parents benefit too:

  • More convenience, as it reduces the number of times they have to drive their teen to driver education classes
  • Better communication on their teen’s progress and skills
  • This translates to the best thing of all for parents – peace of mind that their teen is learning how to drive the right way!

Top Driver High School Partners:

IMSA – Aurora, IL
Loyola Academy – Wilmette, IL
Marquette Academy – Ottawa, IL
Montini Catholic HS – Lombard, IL
Nazareth Academy – LaGrange Park, IL