Illinois Teen Driver Ed FAQs

To enroll, individuals must reach the age of 15 on or before the final scheduled classroom session of their program. On the Top Driver website after entering your zip code, select your Top Driver location and input your date of birth to view the classes for which you are eligible.

The classroom phase of the program consists of 30 hours divided into 15 sessions. The duration of the classroom program ranges from 3 1/2 weeks to 15 weeks, depending on the frequency of the sessions. Class schedules can be viewed on the Top Driver website.

Students can attend up to 2 hours of classroom instruction per day. Top Driver offers weekday and weekend programs, with each session lasting two hours. Weekday classes meet for 2 or 4 days per week, while weekend classes typically meet once a week. Class times vary and can be viewed on the Top Driver website.

There are 15 classroom sessions, each session is 2-hours in length.

The expectation is that students will make every effort to attend all classes without any absences. If a student misses a classroom session, then a makeup session must be scheduled. The student policy allows students to reschedule no more than 4 classroom sessions. If more than 4 classroom sessions need to be rescheduled, the student will be required to start the program again and pay the associated reinstatement fee.

Makeup classes must be scheduled by phone with Customer Service: 1.800.374.8373. The makeup policy stipulates that students are allowed to reschedule no more than 4 classroom sessions.

Teens enrolled in an approved Driver Education program become eligible to apply for an Instruction Permit at the age of 15. The Top Driver classroom instructor will provide the Instruction Permit Application on the first day of class and a practice test will be given on Day 2. Students can then bring their signed Permit Application with them to the DMV to take the Permit Test. Instruction Permit Requirements. Required documentation to apply for an Instruction Permit.

Yes, students take a final exam on Day 15 of class. The students must obtain a minimum score of 75% to pass the final exam. If the student is unable to pass the exam in two attempts, they must retake the classroom phase of training at a cost of $200.

In Illinois, students have 9 months from the first day of their classroom session to successfully complete the entire program, which includes both classroom sessions and behind-the-wheel instruction.

The Instruction Permit is valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

In Illinois, students must provide proof of good standing with their high school to enroll in driver education. The Grade Verification Form must be submitted to Top Driver prior to the end of class.

Students must hold their permit for a minimum of 9 months from the date of issue. Additional requirements can be viewed on the Secretary of State Facility Checklist.

Teens must obtain an Instruction permit (see above) to drive with a parent.

Once a student obtains their Instruction Permit and enters a valid permit number in their Top Driver Signals account then they can begin scheduling behind the wheel lessons with Top Driver.

Students enrolled in Top Driver Silver must complete 6 hours of behind the wheel training and 6 hours of observation. Students enrolled in Top Driver Gold or higher, must complete 8 hours of behind the wheel training (no observation is required).

Behind-the-wheel training involves a student operating the training vehicle, while observation occurs when a student observes another student’s driving lesson from the backseat of the training vehicle.

Behind the wheel training is scheduled in 1-hour increments.

Students should expect to complete one behind the wheel training session a minimum of 15 days apart.

Top Driver students will complete no more than one hour of behind the wheel instruction per day.

Our cancellation policy: A fee will be assessed for behind the wheel lessons which are missed or cancelled with less than 48-hour notice.

Any changes to enrollment, location, or start date may be subject to a $200 fee.

A hard copy certificate of completion is not mandatory. Prior to visiting a Secretary of State Facility to apply for a driver's license, completion of driver education must be updated/posted to the applicant's driving record.
Students should check their eligibility to apply for a driver’s license on the Driver's Education Course Completion checker tool.

The Top Driver Teen Checklist outlines the licensing process and includes road test requirements. Top Driver is an approved provider of the IL SOS Cooperative Road Test. The details are on the Top Driver website and Top Driver Signals.

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