Twenty Years of Satisfied Customers

Since our founding in 2003, Top Driver has helped over 320,000 students become safe, intelligent drivers. Below you will find reviews of our services from our satisfied parents. Parent recommendations for our classroom locations are always appreciated!

“My son’s instructor was not only a great teacher, she was great at making him understand the whole concept of being a good driver. Thanks.”
Mike B.
Bartlett, IL

“Our instructor is an outstanding driver’s ed teacher. She is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and an overall fantastic teacher and person!”
Lisa H.
Bartlett, IL

“Everyone I spoke with on the phone was extremely helpful and courteous.”
Jill W.
Buffalo Grove, IL

“The best customer service that I have encountered in quite some time.”
Lisa R.
Buffalo Grove, IL

“Top Driver was very helpful and very polite in their services and assistance. I am very grateful for Top Driver made the experience for my daughter exciting and fun learning.”
Florence H.
Carol Stream, IL

“The scheduling people were wonderful!”
Laura C.
Crystal Lake, IL

“Comments on session reports were always thoughtful and helpful.”
Ann W.
Downers Grove, IL

“Our instructor was great! She really connected with the students, but in a professional, extremely helpful manner. She was thorough and extremely competent.”
Cynthia T.
Elmhurst, IL

“Very easy to deal with. Love the online tools and access for scheduling, teaching tips, etc. Also the customer service available when you need it was always helpful. Another bonus…pick up service. Excellent!”
Mary C.
Geneva, IL

“Our instructor was great with the kids. My son learned a lot from her.”
Melissa S.
Glen Ellyn, IL

“Everyone I dealt with was wonderful. Thank you.”
Carol R.
Glen Ellyn, IL

“I think you have a wonderful program and great instructors and would recommend it to anyone.”
Chris L.

“We were very satisfied with our experience at Top Driver. The location wasn’t open when our first child took driver’s education. I had to drive across town to another school and the class and behind the wheel instructor was not as thorough as Top Driver.”
Laurie T.
Gurnee, IL

“The instructors were all very nice and knowledgeable. My son enjoyed the class very much. I am glad we chose to go to Top Driver.”
Jeanne B.
Hanover Park, IL

“Extremely positive experience as compared to our older child who went through the school program. We have recommended Top Driver to many of our friends.”
Mary & Dan H.
Hinsdale, IL

“Both instructors were exceptionally professional, patient, well-informed, effective teachers who are a credit to the Top Driver Program and who should be singled out for their way with the kids and their easy going but firm teaching style and exceptional knowledge of on the road driving tactics. Our daughter looked forward to her driving time and also thoroughly enjoyed the classroom experience, knowing it was being well taught and they were well prepared. Teachers kept good discipline in class when other kids got distracted which made each minute in the class count, which is priceless. Job well done and money well spent without a doubt! Looking forward to our son’s participation in the coming year as well.”
Chris & Jack B.
Joliet, IL

“Our second just completed his driving school through Top Driver and again it was a great experience. Easy from the beginning to the end. I recommend Top Driver to all. They take care of everything. The instructors give excellent feedback. They cover the necessary driving skills which is great. Easy to schedule. Customer service is always good!”
M. Moore
Joliet, IL

“The quality of the instructors really hit home with me when my son started randomly rattling off the rules of the road and safety tips while I was driving. I was impressed with how well prepared he was when he started driving with me.”
Jane B.
La Grange, IL

“My daughter really liked her instructor, both as a classroom teacher, and as her driving instructor. She felt very comfortable with him.”
Sandy R.
Libertyville, IL

“Our boys LOVED their experience—our instructor was a great teacher and made the class times fun. They actually looked forward to going to class and made a lot of new friends!”
Marcia H.
Lombard, IL

“I was very satisfied with Top Driver. I have used other driving education programs for other children in my family. Top Driver was by FAR more professional in their classroom and behind the wheel instruction. The cost of Top Driver was also a much better value for the service than our other experience.”
Nulie O.
Naperville, IL

“My sons both took it with another school, and wow! What a difference! Would so recommend your school of driving! Our instructor was wonderful!”
Sheri B.
Naperville, IL

“I was very impressed with the extra effort the instructor took with my son.”
Cheryl B.
North Riverside, IL

“Awesome instructors! My daughter could not have been happier with the instructors both in class and in driving sessions. Great instructors which made the program fun and an excellent learning environment.”
Lisa D.
St. Charles, IL

“Our instructor was the absolute best.”
Lisa P.
Bartlett, IL

“Instructor was excellent. Really connected with my student. In-vehicle training was excellent as well. Appreciated the pickup at the high school after school. We definitely recommend.”
Jeff & Jill S.
Bolingbrook, IL

“Our instructor was fantastic. Not only did she present the material thoroughly, she related very well with the students. This made the learning process much more meaningful.”
Karen K.
Buffalo Grove, IL

“My student’s instructor rocked! He made it comfortable, safe and knowledgeable for my son.”
Jilyn C.
Carol Stream, IL

“Our instructor did a phenomenal job! My teen is often quoting things about driving tips and cues . . . He definitely learned a lot!”
Kristen F.
Channahon, IL

“My son’s classroom instructor was excellent. I was impressed with him at the parent orientation, and my son really enjoyed having him as a classroom teacher and driving instructor.”
Kelli M.
Downers Grove, IL

“I really can’t say enough about the customer service we received from phone staff to the instructors.”
Lynn B.
Downers Grove, IL

“Responsiveness and assistance exceeded my expectations.”
Jeffrey S.
Evanston, IL

“Every single time that I had to call Top Driver, I was welcomed with a very kind voice to answer ALL of my questions. My son had driving instructors that were professional as well as easy going to make the kids feel comfortable during their first driving experience.”
Eileen P.
Geneva, IL

“I cannot say enough nice things about our instructor.”
Thomas & Lisa P.
Glencoe, IL

“Our instructor was an awesome teacher for my daughter. She interacted with the kids well and she made driving enjoyable and educational. She made my kid a safe, smart driver.”
Lisa C.
Glen Ellyn, IL

“My son’s instructors were very professional and instructive. They seemed to make a great impression on my son in regards to teaching and mentoring.”
Shenan C.
Gurnee, IL

“We will definitely be using Top Driver again. We are very happy with the program.”
Patrick D.
Gurnee, IL

“The instructors were absolutely fantastic! I was very impressed and feel like my daughter got a first-rate drivers’ education class! Thanks much!”
Jim F.
Gurnee, IL

“I was very impressed with the high level of responsiveness and professionalism.”
Laurie H.
Highland Park, IL

“Our instructor was great with my child; always on time and just friendly.”
Janet M.
Joliet, IL

“My son still makes little comments while driving that his instructor said…so he obviously had a good impression on my son.”
Robyn C.
Joliet, IL

“Love that this is so convenient and a wonderful alternative to the high school driver’s ed program.”
Lilibeth M.
LaGrange, IL

“The program suited our needs and I’m glad I chose Top Driver.”
Kristen R.
Lombard, IL

“I feel the instruction in both behind the wheel and the classroom were excellent. I have already recommended Top Driver to parents of students at my son’s school.”
Terry M.
Lombard, IL

“I used another company for my first child and was not impressed for many reasons. You do all of those things right…parent orientation, scheduling driving sessions, progress reports. I am very impressed with your program.”
Sheri H.
Naperville, IL

“My daughter loved her teacher!”
Cheryl C.
Northbrook, IL

“All of the instructors were professional, knowledgeable and helpful.”
Dolores V.
Riverside, IL

“Our instructor was very dedicated and professional in dealing with both students and parents.”
Joe M.
Shorewood, IL

“My son enjoyed his instructor. On numerous occasions when I would pick him up from the behind the wheel lesson, the instructor would come over to my car and update my on my son’s progress.”
Shorewood, IL

“My teen loved her instructors–they were fun and funny and at the same time, enforced the rules of the road and made the lessons memorable.”
Carol H.
St. Charles, IL

“The Instructors at Top Driver were very professional and knowledgeable. They inspired confidence in my son.”
Eric K.
Willowbrook, IL

“Our instructor was outstanding! Thanks to all!”
Susan T.
Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I was impressed with the instruction and encouragement my son received.”
Lori O.
Garden City, MI

“Loved our instructor. He has taught all three of my children now. The first two have excellent driving records with no accidents.”
Donna L.
Northville, MI

“I am SOOOOOO glad we went with Top Driver! Some of my daughters’ friends have used a couple of different places that were closer but not as good!”
Jackie L.
Redford, MI

“We would highly recommend the program to other students. No room for improvement.”
Joseph F.
West Bloomfield, MI

“I had a problem with a couple of things, but I received a call back and it was straightened out within an hour. I would recommend more people to Top Driver. Thank you so much!”
Linda F.
West Bloomfield, MI

“Our instructor was great, he made my daughter feel comfortable and relaxed and gave her the confidence she needed.”
Kathy H.
Westland, MI

“All the instructors my son had were great. They made learning how to drive a stress free experience for him. They all taught him so much. He is a better person having gone to Top Driver.”
Tina R.
Farmington Hills, MI

“Our instructor was a very student friendly teacher. He made my daughter feel very comfortable on most occasions. He also made me feel comfortable with him. All the students seemed to like him. I’ve seen many alumni come to visit him.”
Jennifer I.
Garden City, MI

“My daughter loved Top Driver. She said the instructors were awesome. Thanks Top Driver.”
Michael B.
Redford, MI

“My son enjoyed his class and he stated that ‘You can tell the instructor really cares.’”
Rima A.
West Bloomfield, MI

“Far better than another school—I would recommend these instructors any time. The communication they provided re: progress was invaluable.”
Lou R.
West Bloomfield, MI

“This is the first experience with Top Driver. I was very pleased in comparison to my two children who went through a different driving school. The Driving Progress Report was the most helpful item.”
Rae M.
Westland, MI