Teen Driving contract

To be signed by teen:

“I _______________________ understand that driving is not my right, but rather, it is my privilege. I therefore agree to all of the conditions outlined below. Additionally, should I violate any of these conditions, I agree that by signing below, my driving privileges will be forfeited for as long as law enforcement and/or my parents should decide.”

  • Before getting behind the wheel, I will always tell my parents where I am going and when I will be home.
  • I agree that obeying the rules of the road and the rules behind Driver intelligence is not only for my safety, but for the safety of my passengers, and all other drivers and passengers on the road, including pedestrians.
  • I agree to pay all expenses resulting from any traffic violations I am responsible for, as well as any raise in my insurance rates as a result of these violations.
  • I agree that I, and my passengers, will always have seat belts properly fastened. I will never allow any of my passengers to not buckle up while inside my vehicle.
  • I, or my passengers, will never consume any drugs or alcohol before or during driving. Additionally, open alcohol containers or drug paraphernalia will never be allowed inside my vehicle.
  • I will never misbehave or act inappropriately or rudely to other motorists or law enforcement while inside my vehicle.
  • I will never use a cell phone, play with the radio or engage in any other behavior that prevents me from giving my full attention to what is happening on the road.

To be signed by parent/guardian:

“I/We ___________________ permit ______________________ to have access to a vehicle as long as he/she agrees to all of the above conditions. I/We also agree to pick up ________________ at any time and any place, without question, if he/she is ever in a situation where alcohol and/or drugs have been consumed. Finally, to show how serious we are about Driver Intelligence, I/We also agree to follow the above rules and conditions when we drive.