10 Things Teens Should Know About Driving

driver education program

Driving is a big step, one that every teen-ager eventually encounters and, with some support and instruction, masters. Driver’s Ed programs are popular nationwide, with the license being issued at age 16, usually. The programs are extensive and teach teens defensive driving tips and also get them on the same page in terms of expectations and desires about things like speeding or traffic law. Without instruction, serious discussion, keen attention, and practice, as well as a final test, it would be more tempting for teens to break traffic laws.

Here are ten things that every teen needs to know about driving:

1) Remember that you, too, have a blind spot. Looking over your left shoulder makes a huge difference when merging in traffic, so don’t overlook this fact and think that somehow you are not susceptible to the blind spot. Mirrors won’t cut it in all cases; never use them as crutches, as a result.

2) Remember, that it’s OK to drive slowly. It can be cool to go under the speed limit if you are not feeling well or are uncomfortable with the speed. Taking it slow can be the best bet, and no one is monitoring or watching your driving except you.

3) Driving is actually a responsibility, so be sure to treat it like one. Be responsible and never drink and drive.

4) Reading the driver’s manual is a good idea when preparing for the test for the driver education program that you choose.

5) Driver’s education is important enough to get a good night’s sleep for, and being sure to be rested before hitting the road is important after getting your license. Never drive if you are overly tired.

6) Know your limits. Follow them.

7) Don’t let the gas gauge go too far near empty before refilling. Taking a chance can mean a cold walk to help and safety.

8) Try not to endanger yourself and others, and try to respect fellow drivers in terms of yielding and being courteous.

9) Driving is not a hobby; it is a functional, important part of life, so be sure to take it seriously.

10) Driving can be fun; remember to relax and enjoy the ride as well.

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