10 Top States for Teen Drivers

Teen Driving

Being a teen driver isn’t easy. Between restrictions and inexperience it can be an outright nightmare. For those teens located in these 10 states though, there’s a bit of a break.

10. Washington

With over 200,000 teen drivers, Washington is sensitive to their plight and aware of the needs that these young drivers have. Ranked 71.17 by U.S. News, it’s a solid location.

9. Utah

With 167,931 teen drivers (or thereabouts) Utah comes in at number nine on the U.S. News rating with a 71.94.

8. Minnesota

With a score of over 72 and a teen driving population of at least 177.707, Minnesota comes in at number 8.

7. Oregon

With at least 103,913 teen drivers, and sitting right next to the number 10 spot on this list, Oregon ranks a 72.45.

6. New Jersey

While it might be infamous for its culture, New Jersey boasts more than a quarter million teen drivers. It’s rating, according to U.S. News is 75.08.

5. Illinois

With a score of 75.1 Illinois marks the halfway point on the best states for teen drivers list. Not bad for a state with over 438,000 teen drivers in it.

4. Maryland

With a score of 75.76, Maryland claims a top five place on this list. It does only have 159,402 teen drivers at the time of the rating, but that is no reason to think it doesn’t belong at this level.

3. Colorado

In addition to progressive laws regarding marijuana, Colorado managed a score of 76.42. It also has a little over 151,000 teen drivers in the state, but that’s not unusual when compared with the total population.

2. California

A land always associated with youth along with glitz and glamour, California claims the number two spot with a score of 76.54. The number of teen drivers the state boasts also happens to be 943,083, or thereabouts.

1. Washington D.C.

In addition to being the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. takes the top spot for places to be a teen

driver. With 2,914 teen drivers, the city ranks at 84.99.

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