5 Tips for Buying Your First Car


One of the most exciting and challenging things about being a new driver is buying your first vehicle. During this time it’s hard to balance your logic from your wants. Top Driver wants to make sure that you weigh all of the important details before making this big decision, so we’ve created a list of our top five tips for first time vehicle buyers. To learn more about Top Driver visit us online at topdriver.com or call (888) 471-5418.

Make a Realistic Budget (BEFORE you shop)

Before you go out shopping, determine what a realistic budget is for your situation. If you’re planning to choose an auto financing option, begin by determining what a viable monthly payment will be for you and use an online calculator. If you search “Car Loan Calculator”, Google will populate one for you. We also like the calculator provided at Bankrate.

Define Your Needs

Do you have a long commute? You may want to choose a car with great fuel economy. If your job requires you to haul trailers or large loads, you may want to look into a truck. Determine what your needs are and then decide what you need.

Define & Prioritize Your Wants

Now it’s time for the fun part! What wants to you have that would be nice to have in a vehicle. Do you want a black car? One with a sunroof? Heated seats? XM capabilities? Decide what your wants are and then give each a priority so that you know which are the most important to you in your search.

Do Your Research

There are so many websites – like AutoTrader.com or CarFax.com – that you can use to research particular auto makers, models, and the exact car once you have the VIN number of a car you may drive to make sure it’s safe and hasn’t been in any accidents.

Test Drive!

The best way to decide whether one car in particular will work for you is to take a test drive! If the dealer will let you, keep the vehicle overnight and take it to your mechanic for a full checkup before you buy.

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