Tinley Park Teen Saves the Lives of Many

Top Driver student Reaghan Monahan was praised by local first responders and General Manager of Top Driver, Jim Mihalovich, Wednesday at a surprise recognition ceremony at Tinley Park High School. Her recent heroic actions, in the face of a medical emergency, while her mother was behind the wheel, helped save the lives of many people on the road that day!

The Tinley Park High School sophomore was being driven home from a volleyball game when her mother suffered a seizure. Her foot locked on the gas pedal, and Reaghan had to respond quickly. She slid the driver’s seat back and gave herself enough room to take control of the vehicle.

Authorities were receiving calls about the situation as it unfolded and were able to respond quickly. Miraculously Raeghan was able to get the attention of a fire department vehicle, and they ensured that she made it to safety.

The event ended with no injuries.

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Top Driver’s instructor honors Tinley Park teen Reaghan Monahan for her life-saving actions during a medical emergency on I-294.

Monahan’s actions stopped a bad situation from getting much worse.

Wednesday morning first responders with camera crews awaited her arrival.

“It was a very hard day, but I’m just glad my mom’s here, and I’m here,” she told reporters.

Monahan, who only has her learner’s permit, applied what she learned with Top Driver to make quick decisions that saved her mother’s life. She also credits the firefighter for helping things go as smoothly as they did.

“I don’t know what we would have done if he wasn’t there, but he kind of saved her life,” she said. “I just remember sitting in the front of his car, just very shocked at what had just happened, and that I’d survived.”

Monahan, luckily rode with her mother that night, instead of riding the bus with the team.

“I always think about that,” she said. “Or if I was even a few years younger, not knowing how to drive a car…”

South Holland Firefighter/paramedic Tom Farr said he’s never seen anything like this—”not to this magnitude, especially with her age and level of experience with driving.

South Holland Fire Department Honors Tinley Park Teen

South Holland firefighter/paramedic Tim Farr honors Tinley Park teen Reaghan Monahan for her actions to save the lives of many when her mother suffered a medical expressway on the road.

“When we found out exactly what happened, in the ambulance, I said, ‘Wait, what did you do?!’ Farr said. “It was incredible … We’re out on the expressway all the time, and it never goes that good. It’s always the extreme opposite.'”

When he returned to the station, Farr told his lieutenant, “We have to make her a big deal.”

Dr. Theresa Nolan, the principal of Tinley Park High School was extremely proud of her student’s quick reactions and confidence in an emergency situation. She was very happy to give her applause.

“It’s beyond belief that a 15-year-old was able to take control of that situation and even perform some of the maneuvers that she did,” Nolan said. “As an adult driving for decades, I don’t know if I would have thought to move the seat back, and yet a girl who doesn’t even have her driver’s license thought to do that.

“… I do believe that there was an angel in the car that day.”

Farr bestowed Monahan with a certificate from the South Holland Fire Department, along with a $250 gift card “to be used however she likes.”

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Reaghan Monahan, a sophomore at Tinley Park High School, was in the car leaving a volleyball game when her mom suffered a seizure behind the wheel. ******************************************* ABOUT CBS 2 NEWS CHICAGO: Honored as the 2021 Edward R.

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