How to Get Your License in Illinois

How to Get your Driver’s License in Illinois

If you’re confused on how to get your license in Illinois Top Driver can help. Driver’s License requirements vary from state to state so it can be a very confusing process for a teen to navigate. Some states have mandatory driver education, while others simply require a teen to be of a certain age.

What to Expect at Your Driver Education Class?

Once you are 15 you can begin your journey to getting a license.

To legally start to practice driving you’ll need an Instruction Permit. To get this document, you must be enrolled in an approved driver education course and must pass vision and written tests.

With an Instruction Permit, students are allowed to drive with a parent or adult age 21 or older with a valid driver’s license. Permits last a maximum of 2 years before they need to be renewed. New drivers are required to have a minimum of 50 supervised driving hours, including 10 at night and must hold their permit for a minimum of 9 months.

During this phase of obtaining a license, new drivers must not incur any driving infractions. Cellphone and hands-free wireless phone usage is prohibited for drivers under 19 except in the case of an emergency (to contact law enforcement or other emergency services).

What to Expect at Your Driver Education Class?

At any of Top Driver’s 40+ Driver Education Centers teens will experience a modern, uniform, state-of-the-art facility that stimulates learning.

Our program meets state requirements for offering 30 hours of class time and a minimum of 6 hours of drive time with our passionate instructors. Our instructors are fully licensed by the state of Illinois, and all have prior experience teaching or coaching how to get your license in Illinois.

Top Driver offers a large variety of accommodations to make driver education accessible to as many people as possible. We offer specialized programs for student with unique needs, home pick-up in select zip codes, and much more.

Driving is a lifetime activity, with the average person spending about 4.5 years of their life behind the wheel. Take the time to learn to drive properly by choosing the driver education school that will instill lifelong good driving habits.


After passing a state- approved driver education course and a road test to acquire a license, the process isn’t over yet.

  • A Parent/guardian must accompany the student to the Secretary of State facility to provide consent to obtain the license OR complete and notarize an Affidavit/Consent for Minor(
  • A Parent/guardian certification must be provided which confirms a minimum of 50 driving hours including at least 10 hours at night has been completed.


From the ages of 16-17 teens can be licensed to drive legally but will have to adhere to strict restrictions to keep you and other drivers safe.

  • Passengers are limited to one person under the age of 20 unless the passenger is a sibling, stepsibling, child, or stepchild of the driver.
  • The teen driver must maintain a conviction-free driving record for 6 months prior to turning 18.


From the age 18 and onward age restrictions no longer apply (except for cellphone and wireless phone use) if the driver has fulfilled all mandated requirements.

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