Top 3 Safety Tips to Remember When Merging onto a Highway


When you first begin to drive, merging onto a highway may seem like a daunting task. Merging can be a complicated task but, like anything else, it takes time and practice to master. As a teenage driver, here are three helpful tips to remember when merging onto a highway:


  • Use the entrance ramp to your advantage. Keep in mind that you have time to merge. The entrance ramp, also known as the acceleration lane, should be used to reach the highway speed limit. You’ll want to match your speed to the current traffic as best as possible while staying within the legal speed limit.
  • Prepare for the merge. Turn on your signal and begin looking for an open space in traffic. Remember that the other vehicles on the highway have the right of way, so take your time merging.
  • Don’t hesitate. While it’s important to take your time in the acceleration lane and take extra caution while merging, it’s equally important not to hesitate. Crashes happen when vehicles hesitate or slam on the brakes while trying to merge. Try to make the merging process as seamless as possible by scanning your mirrors and blind spot. Once you find a gap in traffic, safely move into the new lane. Once you’re safely positioned in your lane, turn off your signal and continue at the legal speed limit.


While these three tips can assist you with safely merging onto the highway, the continuous theme while merging is never to panic. The entrance ramp is designed to allow you enough time to find a gap in traffic and quickly, yet safely, merge onto the highway. After practicing a few times using these tips, you will become more aware of the intricacies and will eventually master the art of merging.

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