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5 Keys of Smith System Driving

Looking to improve your driving skills and become a safer driver? Look no further than the Smith System, a widely recognized defensive driving technique. Top Driver Driver Intelligence™ Curriculum was inspired by the Smith System and has developed hundreds of thousands of safe, intelligent drivers. What is the Smith System? The Smith System was invented […]

What Happens If You Put Diesel In a Gas Car

Imagine pulling up to the pump, filling your tank, and then realizing you’ve accidentally used the wrong fuel. Don’t panic! Diesel in a gas car can leave you worried, but understanding how to handle it prevents injury and further damage to your motor vehicle. This blog will clear up the confusion between diesel and gasoline, […]

Who has the right-of-way?

4-Way Stop Rules of the Road: Who Has the Right of Way?

We’ve all been there. That moment when you come to a 4-way stop and aren’t sure who has the right of way. It can be a frustrating experience, but more importantly, it can be hazardous. To keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely at intersections, we’ll review who has the right of way, answer frequently asked […]

what you should know traffic violations and michigan point system

What You Should Know: Traffic Violations & Michigan’s Point System

If you’re learning to drive or have just received a ticket, you might have some questions about Michigan’s point system: What is a point? How many are bad, and how long do points stay on my record? You’ll find those answers, details about some common traffic violations, and their respective point values below.  What the […]

blog header top 10 best and worst states for teen drivers

Top 10 Best & Worst States For Teen Drivers

While driver education instills universal principles, new drivers can have vastly different learning experiences from one another because driving environments vary drastically throughout the US. City or country roads, lenient or stringent insurance and safety laws, hilly or flat terrain — all of these variables play a big part in shaping how effectively a new […]

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