4 Safe Driving Tips to Teach Your Teens

safe driving tips

When your teenage son or daughter first starts driving, it’s crucial to establish safe driving habits from the start. Safe driving tips that they start practicing from the beginning will stay with them for a lifetime. Use these four safe driving tips when you’re teaching your teenager to drive.


  • Buckle up. The first action all drivers should take is to put their seatbelt on. Second is to make sure all passengers have their seatbelt on as well. You shouldn’t leave the driving without buckling up, and when you make this a habit, it’s easier to follow over time.


  • Be Aware of Speed Limit. Speed limits exist for a reason – they set the maximum speed for IDEAL conditions, keep the roads safe and avoid collisions. Your teenage driver should be conscious of the speed limit at all times, not only to avoid a speeding ticket, but also to ensure safely reaching their destination. Often times, in adverse conditions, drivers should maintain a speed below the posted speed limit.


  • Keep your phone in the glove box. It’s easy to get distracted while driving, especially with our phones at an arm’s reach. Avoid the distraction of texts, social media, phone calls and email notifications by keeping your phone in your glove box. If your phone goes off and it’s an emergency, you can always pull off to the side of the road and answer it.


  • Use your headlights when appropriate. When it’s dusk, nighttime, or even overcast weather, it’s essential to have your headlights on to increase your vehicle’s visibility.


These are just a few of many safe driving tips that all young drivers should establish from the start. While these tips are great for your teenage drivers, they’re important habits for adult drivers, as well. Take some time to review these tips with your teenagers and ensure they are enforcing the habits every time they get behind the wheel.

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