5 Tips on How You Can Safely Share the Road with Large Vehicles

When you first get your driver’s license and start driving without a parent or guardian, sharing the road with large vehicles, such as vans and trucks, can seem intimidating. It’s critical for young drivers to be aware of the challenges of sharing the road with trucks and vans. Here are some tips on how you can safely share the road with large vehicles.


  • If you’re stopping at a red light positioned on a hill, leave extra room between you and the large vehicle. It’s possible for a large vehicle to roll backwards when it begins to accelerate.
  • Avoid driving next to trucks on windy days. When there is high turbulence, a lightly loaded trailer may be pushed into the adjoining lane. There is also the risk of your car swerving out of your lane and into the next lane.
  • Never break abruptly in front of large vehicles. Trucks and vans require more distance to stops than cars, meaning they need more time to stop.
  • If possible, give trucks extra room for making turns. If a truck in front of you is turning right, they will swing out to the left, so avoid passing them and give them the room they may need.

  • Avoid erratic driving behavior. This tip is always important, but is especially critical when sharing the road with large vehicles. Fast driving, swerving in and out of lanes, and distracted driving are all examples of behavior that could increase the chance of a crash. Large vehicles cannot maneuver as quickly as cars, so drive cautiously when you share the road with them.


Whether you’re driving with other cars or sharing the road with trucks, driving cautiously is imperative. Keep these tips in mind and make them habits to develop safe safe driving behavior.

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