5 Tips for Driving Safely on Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for dressing up in costumes, sharing scary stories and trick-or-treating for candy. While it’s a day filled with fun activities, it’s also a time to be extra cautious. Driving safety should always be top priority, but on Halloween it’s essential to be alert as a pedestrian and as a driver. If you’re driving on Halloween, keep these safety tips in mind to ensure a safe holiday.


  1. Keep the music down.

With extra foot traffic on Halloween, it’s important to use your hearing to know where kids are, to be aware of other traffic, or hear someone honking. Turn the radio down and know exactly what’s going on around you.


  1. Eliminate distractions.

You shouldn’t have your phone out while you’re driving at anytime, especially on a night like Halloween. Put the phone away and save the snacks for when you’re pulled over or you’ve reached your destination.


  1. Drive at or under the speed limit.

This is especially important when driving on side streets and residential areas. With children walking (and sometimes running) across the street, you’ll want to have control of slowing down or breaking. Be alert and reduce your speed.


  1. Keep your headlights on.

Obviously when driving at night you’ll have your headlights on. But even in the daylight, having your headlights on will make it easier for pedestrians and children to see you. This is especially crucial in residential areas.


  1. Be extra cautious when pulling out of driveways.

With children trick-or-treating from yard to yard, they will be crossing driveways. When you’re pulling out, take it slow and look around from all angles. Make sure pedestrians can see you, and give them the go-ahead when appropriate.


Halloween is a fun day for families, but it comes with potential dangerous scenarios. When you’re out on the streets driving, use these tips to be extra careful and avoid dangerous situations. Be safe and have a Happy Halloween from Top Driver!

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