8 Essential Things to Keep in Your Car

Whether you’re embarking upon a 2-day road trip or commuting to work, there are certain things to keep in your car at all times. Do you have an idea what those items should be? Have you taken a peek inside your trunk in a while? You can’t predict when your car will break down, have a flat tire or just — malfunction. Have piece of mind in knowing you have the essentials to navigate to your destination safely, should the unexpected occur.

  1. Tire Inflator and Sealant- Do you have a spare tire onboard? Do you have a tire iron and a jack? Let’s assume you don’t. Make sure you have a can of tire inflator and sealant (about $7) to plug holes in your tire. While this isn’t a long-term solution, it can get you to the closest auto shop so you can have your tire assessed and patched.
  2. Emergency Roadside Kit- It’s an obvious item, but often forgotten. An emergency roadside kit usually comes with a flashlight, booster cables, window mounts, clamps, gloves, screwdrivers, duct tape, extra batteries, first-aid supplies and quite a few more items helpful in emergency situations. Just check the label to ensure the main items above are included in the kit.
  3. Self Starting Jumper Cables- Dead batteries happen. Save time and money by keeping jumper cables in your car. Invest in the self starting jumper cables so you don’t have to depend on a good samaritan for a jump. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the application process, so you can safely start your engine.
  4. Snow Brush and Ice Scraper- This dynamic duo is a must for those living in cold climates; however, mother nature can be unpredictable. Don’t be left out in the cold with zero visibility. Pack a snow brush and ice scraper just in case snow or ice accumulates on your parked car.
  5. Spare Jacket- You never know when you might need an extra layer. If you become stranded in the middle of winter in a remote area, an extra layer of clothing could make a huge difference to your health and safety.
  6. Seatbelt Cutter and Window Breaker- You hope to never use an emergency escape tool like this, but your life could depend on it. This tool can be used interchangeably to cut seatbelts and break windows when a hasty exit of the vehicle is needed. For about $6 you can rest easy knowing you have what you need to escape an emergency situation
  7. Cell Phone Charger- In case you need to make an emergency call, always keep a cell phone charger in your car at all times. It should never leave the vehicle unless it is damaged or no longer operational.
  8. Maps- A good rule of thumb is to have a map for the state you live in. Consider keeping other state maps in your car when you are traveling to those destinations. Internet access isn’t available everywhere, so relying on the map on your phone isn’t always a good idea.

While this list of essential things to keep in your car isn’t exhaustive, the above eight items are basic necessities you should invest in. Gain peace of mind in knowing you’re prepared for what turn may come next while rolling down the road.

Do you keep any particular emergency items in your car? What are they? For more information or to learn about our training programs near you, contact Top Driver.

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