About the Illinois driver education process

About the Illinois Driving Exam

Enrolling in and attending a 30-hour classroom course is your first step in satisfying the requirements needed to pass the Illinois driving exam. Teenage drivers have the highest crash risk per mile traveled, compared to other drivers in older age groups. Young drivers tend to overestimate their driving abilities and underestimate the many dangers on the road. Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws reduce this risk by making sure teens gradually build up driving experience under lower-risk conditions as they mature and develop skills. That means limiting nighttime driving, restricting teen passengers and making sure teens get lots of supervised practice. Graduated licensing has reduced teen crashes 10-30 percent on average.

When is the Final Exam?

The final Illinois driving exam is given on the last day of class and consists of 50 questions.

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Matching

What is the Minimum Grade Required to Pass the Illinois Driving Exam?

All students must earn 75% to pass the course, this is a state requirement. Since our course is accredited by the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office, our final exam is the Written Driver’s License Exam. Students will only be required to complete Road Test at time of Licensure. If the student requires any test modifications please inform the instructor ahead of time, so arrangements can be made.

Students Must Be In Good Standing at School

The Illinois Secretary of State requires that all students enrolled in a Driver Education program show proof that they are in good standing with their high school or home school program. To show proof, a signed Driver Education Verification Form is required, OR a copy of the student’s Report Card from the last two completed semesters.

The report card must also include:

  • Students Name
  • School Name
  • School Year

Acceptable proof of grades include:

  • Grade Verification Form
  • Report Cards
  • Transcripts

Illinois In-Vehicle Training Information

Parents or guardians can begin scheduling as soon as a student receives a driving permit. To receive the driving permit, students must visit the DMV and bring:

  • Permit Application
  • Proof of Residency
  • Original Birth Certificate
  • $20 application fee (cash or check)

Top Driver will provide students with a permit application in class to take home. Once signed, completed and a given to the DMV, in-vehicle training can be scheduled. We accept appointments online, by phone and at our education centers.

Top Driver Scheduling Recommendations

  • Schedule 1 or 2 lessons per month
  • Scheduling lessons during varied days and times
  • Give us 24-hour notice for canceling or rescheduling lessons

Have your teen take the ultimate pledge by having them sign our teen driving contract. Interested in learning more about Top Driver teen programs? View our offerings in Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio. You can also contact Top Driver with any additional questions.


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