Becoming a High School Partner with Top Driver

high school partner

Are you looking to provide your students with premium driver education services? Are you looking to provide these services at a low, minimal cost to you? Look no further! Top Driver provides our High School partners with many different services at no cost to the institution.


A trained, experienced instructor from our company will teach your students driver intelligence.  Our instructors come equipped with the curriculum and all of the necessary course materials, as well as the vehicles the students will be driving. We understand that as a fellow provider of education for youth, safety is of great importance. Top Driver will provide all the associated insurance that comes along with driving and the driver education process. Additionally, Top Driver handles all customer service related questions on both our website and 800 number which is available for student and parent use. We handle all of the scheduling for both classroom and behind the wheel instruction lessons.


All we ask in return for our services is access to a quality classroom and help promoting the program.  In the past, we have found school newspaper announcements, school web site announcements, signage in the school, and email news to be effective ways to promote the program. A classroom on your campus is not only beneficial for us, but to your students and parents as it provides convenience.  We are proud  to offer convenience and flexibility to your students without  jeopardizing the quality of their educational experience.

At Top Driver, we provide students with the skills to become intelligent drivers for life. By partnering with us, your high school institution will make major contributions to developing safe, intelligent drivers. Visit our High School Partners page for more information.

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