“Blackout” Wednesday

The night before Thanksgiving, known as Blackout Wednesday, is one of the deadliest nights to be on the roads. Thanksgiving is a day when many people do not have to work, and the use of alcohol is known to increase drastically. Its name comes from the idea of drinking enough alcohol that you “blackout”.


Drunk Driving

When there is an increase in drinking, there is typically an increase in drivers that decide to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. It is estimated that over 500 people will die over the 2022 Thanksgiving Holiday in crashes that could have been prevented. While people know that it is irresponsible to drive while drunk, they can overestimate their ability to drive and put themselves in an incredibly dangerous situation.

Underaged Drinking

Blackout Wednesday’s name comes from college students drinking heavily. Not all students are of legal drinking age, and this celebration can result in people illegally consuming dangerous amounts of alcohol. Large amounts of alcohol can impair cognitive functions, such as logical reasoning, and can lead to bad decisions.

Increased Police Presence

To crack down on the increased likelihood of illegal activity, police increase their presence on the roads. Any illegal activity is much more like to be discovered, regardless of if it involves alcohol or not.

Be Responsible

Stay off the roads if you can help it. If you must drive on Blackout Wednesday, be very aware of your surroundings. Even if you are completely sober, being around intoxicated drivers is still extremely dangerous. Your life is more valuable than a single night ou


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