What Should You Give Your Teen? 

Getting a driver’s license is a huge step towards independence and freedom. What better gift could you give to your teen than the knowledge required to gain their independence? You can’t go wrong gifting your teen a driver education at Top Driver this holiday season! Top Driver is a premium driver education with it own proprietary curriculum. There are also alternative programs for learning assisted individuals. 


Why is Driver Education Such a Great Gift?

Gifting driver education shows your teen that you trust them and believe that they are ready for life’s bigger challenges. Driver education from Top Driver will give your teen a clear and in-depth understanding of the rules of the road, as well as how to navigate safely. Driving is a lifelong skill and it’s important that you take learning the fundamentals seriously. If you’re able to learn how to drive during the holiday season, you’ll definitely be able to handle the roads during the rest of the year!


Being Thankful…

Give your teen something they will truly be thankful for this season. Gifting Driver Education during this time of the year can really make a teen understand the joys of giving and receiving. They might just surprise you with a ride to one of your favorite places! It is important to have a discussion with your teen about the responsibility that comes with driving so that they understand it is a privilege that was earned. Even if they don’t show it immediately, your teen will  definitely be thankful you chose Top Driver


How to get your teen excited about driver education?

A great way to get your teen excited about driver education is with Trypscore. Trypscore, a partner of Top Driver, is an app that rewards good driving behavior with gift cards and contests. The Grand Prize contest winner gets their annual car payments, gas, and insurance paid for! The app runs in the background while tracking your drives and gives you feedback about your driving. Your entire family can join and compete together to be safe drivers! Top Driver highly recommends Trypscore for the entire family.


Click on the link below or scan the QR code to know more about the app and become a safe driver.


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Top Driver encourages traffic safety by instilling good driving habits in our students. Passionate and hard-working instructors work with students to ensure that they learn the best driving practices possible. Top Driver’s classes are designed to keep your student engaged with the material ensuring they absorb as much information about safe driving as possible. Direct instruction to your teen behind the wheel Top Driver ensures that your teen is comfortable in any situation behind the wheel.

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