Why You Should Choose Top Driver as Your Teen’s Driving School

As a parent, choosing your teen’s driving school is a major decision. You want your teen to receive proper driving education and come away with the knowledge and resources to practice safe driving habits every time they get behind the wheel. So out of the several options that you have, what makes us stand out? Here’s why you should choose Top Driver as your teen’s driving school:


  • We have fourteen years of experience, and fourteen years of satisfied customers. Much like choosing a real estate agent, plumber, doctor or lawyer, you want to go with someone that has the industry experience and expertise, and a record of satisfied customers. Since our founding in 2003, we’ve helped over 245,000 students become safe, intelligent drivers.


  • We have ‘The Top Driver Advantage’. When you choose Top Driver as your teen’s driving school, you’re making your teen a safe driver for life. We offer contemporary driver training for a superior educational experience. You’ll receive online tools to help you manage your driver education program, you’ll get more classes and driving lessons than any other school, and your teen will learn from our energetic, professional instructors. Lastly, you’ll receive feedback after each driving lesson, something most driving schools don’t offer.


  • You’ll receive convenient and contemporary training. We give you the flexibility to choose the driver education classes that best fit your schedule. We want to make our training is as convenient as possible for our students and parents. Top Driver offers the most classes and in-vehicle lessons — more than 15,000 hours of classes and 21,000 hours of in-vehicle training each year. We also have easy online tools to register, schedule and manage your training when it’s convenient, as well as email reminders to help you keep track of in-vehicle lessons.


  • Parents receive the resources they need. Top Driver wants the experience to be beneficial not just to our students, but to the parents as well. That’s why we have informative introductory parent orientations, assessments and feedback after every driving lesson, online training to help you better coach your teen during practice driving, and many other tools to help manage the driver training and licensure processes.


When choosing Top Driver as your teen’s driving school, you’re not just getting the essentials. You’re getting the full driving school experience. That means convenient scheduling, effective two-way dialogue, start of the art driver ed facilities that stimulate learning and resources to make sure your teen graduates as a safe and smart driver. The decision of where to send your teen to driver’s school is an important one. When you choose Top Driver, you’ll be happy you did.

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