Confident Driving: 6 Tips to Increase Your Confidence While Driving

confidence while driving

Learning how to drive and to do it well, takes time and practice. There isn’t a magic wand you can wave to instill confidence in yourself, but there are actionable steps you can take over time to improve your confidence while driving. Here are 6 tips to assist you in confident driving.

  1. Practice Often. To really embody confident driving you’ve got to invest time and effort into getting behind the wheel. Log those hours! The cliche phrase “practice makes perfect” really does ring true.
  2. Bring an Experienced Driver Along. Ask an experienced driver (that you are comfortable with) to accompany you on your practice runs. This is a time for you to listen to their suggestions and for them to support you in your good driving habits. Top Driver offers quality training and coaching to assure even the most timid driver is equip to handle the road.
  3. Drive in All Weather. One of the most important skills a driver can have is the ability to analyze the driving environment. There are only two types of driving environments we can encounter, ideal and adverse. As someone looking to practice more confident driving, you must prepare for all weather conditions — even less than ideal conditions. Remember to analyze your space, traction and visibility (S-T-V). Become familiar with as many environments as you can so that you can.
  4. Drive On Multiple Terrains. Hills, dirt roads, highways, narrow streets, busy streets and parking lots are all areas you should be comfortable and confident with driving on. Start small and rank each in order of how you feel about each of them — most confident to least confident. Tackle the easier terrains first and work up to conquering the more difficult topographies as you move along.
  5. Mix Up Your Practice Vehicles. Try something a little new. Have you been practicing in the same vehicle the entire time? If you’re up for it, consider switching your practice sessions to another vehicle for a short time. If you’re in a small car, practice confident driving in a truck and vise versa. Maybe switch from an 8-cylinder to a 4-cylinder or front-wheel drive to all-wheel drive. It’s important to know how other vehicles handle and how comfortable you are with each scenario.
  6. Complete Refresher Driving Courses. There is always something fun and new to learn. Don’t stop honing your driving skills just because you pass your driving exam. Continue to practice and take online refresher courses to stay current with law changes and driving best practices. Even just a few lessons can provide tips and tricks to calm your nerves. Do all of this and your well on your way to becoming a confident driver.

Confident Driving is Within Your Reach

After you become proficient in the basic handling of your vehicle it will be easier to become more confident and comfortable while driving. The key to building confidence while driving is practice. Continue to practice, ask questions, take things step by step and make sure your environment promotes calmness. Reduce your nerves by playing some of your favorite songs while you drive. Another quick tip is to run through your pre-driving checklist.

Don’t be too hard on yourself either. Every driver has made mistakes at some point while driving—the key is to not dwell on your mistakes. Assess what went wrong and come up with a plan to solve the issue should you encounter a similar situation again.

If you’re interested in sharpening your knowledge and becoming a more proactive driver, contact Top Driver today! Consider signing up for an online refresher driving course. Each of our drivers improves their driving skill set considerably after completion of a refresher course.

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