Don’t Abuse Your Freedom: What You’ll Learn After Getting Your License

During the course of your driver education, you’ll learn about safety, proper driving behavior, rules and regulations,  and your responsibilities as a driver. When you first receive your driver’s license, you may feel invincible. You’re handed the keys and freedom is all yours. But it’s important to stay focused and continue to practice proper driving habits throughout your driving career.


When you get your license, you’ll feel a sense of freedom that you’ve never felt before. You can now drive on your own, go wherever you wish, leave whenever you want, and drive as fast or as slow as you desire. But it’s crucial to remember that having a driver’s license is a privilege—one that you must not take lightly.


The purpose of Driver Ed is to teach you and prepare you for every possible situation you’ll face as a driver. There will be plenty of moments where you’ll think back to your class notes or discussions and be reminded of how being proactive can avoid certain hazards, however, there will be some moments that will require an immediate and accurate response. It is imperative that you are focused, cautious and alert. Staying calm under pressure is one skill that will greatly benefit you as a young driver.


You’ve worked hard to get your license. You put the time in attending classes, driving with an instructor, the countless hours of driving with a parent or guardian, and you’re ready now, more than ever, to finally get your license. Keep in mind that you’ll be constantly learning as a driver. Practice and experience will help you develop technical driving skills. But when you finally get your license, don’t abuse your freedom. Develop the skill of remaining calm under pressure, stay alert of your surroundings, and remember that you’ve just been handed a great deal of responsibility.

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