Driving in April Showers

Driving in April Showers

Spring weather can be extremely unpredictable and create some dangerous driving conditions. Top Driver has created our top list of spring driving tips. To learn more about Top Driver Education visit us online at www.topdriver.com or call (888) 471-5418.

  • Anticipate Gusts

When gusty winds start to crop up, do your best to anticipate and counteract the wind gusts (particularly if you’re in a larger vehicle). Do this by having total control of the wheel and noticing patterns in the wind’s behavior.

  • Notice Large Vehicles

Like we mentioned, larger vehicles can be particularly susceptible to the wind’s volatility. Keep your eyes on them, as they may potentially swerve into your lane unintentionally due to unanticipated wind gusts.

  • Grip the Wheel

Make sure to keep a steady, stable grip on the wheel. Grip tightly to keep the car under control, but don’t unintentionally swerve by gripping too tightly.

  • Take Your Time

The best thing to do when road conditions are wet or windy is to take your speed own. Slowing down will help you from getting taken by surprise by any wind or hydroplaning that might occur.

  • Turn Your Lights On

If your vehicle doesn’t have automatic rain or fog lights, it’s critical that you switch your headlights on in inclement weather. This insures that you have the visibility necessary and that other vehicles can see you too.

  • Give Space

Keeping a six to ten second distance between you and the vehicle in front of you will keep you safe if wet roads or frozen/thawing roads cause hydroplaning or sliding.

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