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Why Choose Illinois Adult Education Driving Lessons Through Top Driver?

Top Driver offers flexible, customizable, and convenient adult education driving lessons for individuals 18 and older in Illinois. Our in-vehicle driving lessons offer many benefits for the adult driver. With more than 40 locations across 2 states and home pickup and drop-off available in select areas, Top Driver is committed to quality education that fits into your busy life.


Top Driver Adult Education Driving Lessons Include:


  • Home or Work pickup/dropoff
  • 90 minute lessons
  • Multi-hour discount packages available
  • Bundle programs available – Online+In-Vehicle Training
  • Training workbook 
  • Road Test Service available


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About the 2014 Illinois Adult Driver Education Law


As of July 1, 2014, first-time driver’s license applicants aged 18-20 who have not completed driver education must successfully complete a six-hour adult driving education lesson through a certified adult driver education provider before obtaining a license. Proof of successful completion of the Illinois adult education driving lesson must be presented at the time of application for a license.


Further Clarification on Driving Requirements for Adults in Illinois 


As previously mentioned, all 18-20 year-olds are required to complete a six hour classroom or online adult driver education course before they can obtain an Illinois driver’s license, if the person has not previously held a driver’s license or successfully completed the classroom portion of a traditional driver education course. A certificate of completion is only issued to those students completing the lesson who are between the ages of 17 years 3 months and 21 years old.


Any new driver may be required to take the Illinois Secretary of State driving exam in a vehicle representing the same size and weight classification as the driver’s license for which they are applying. All drivers must take a written exam every eight years, except those having no traffic convictions. New drivers age 75 and older and any driver turning 75 or older who is renewing his/her driver’s license must take a driving exam in a representative vehicle.


To take an Illinois Secretary of State driving exam the vehicle you provide must:


  • Be a properly licensed vehicle equipped for the driver’s license classification you are seeking.
  • Comply with Secretary of State vehicle condition standards.
  • Be properly insured. Proof of insurance must be provided prior to the exam.
  • Display valid front and rear Illinois license plates and a valid registration sticker. If the vehicle is registered outside of Illinois, it must meet the registration requirements of the respective state.
  • Be driven to the facility by a driver who has a valid driver’s license/permit.


Obtaining an Instruction Permit in Illinois


If you are 17 and 3 months or older, you may apply for an instruction permit without taking a teen driver education course. When you apply for your instruction permit, you must pass the vision and written exams for the license classification you are seeking. Your instruction permit allows you to drive during the behind-the wheel portion of your driver education class with an adult instructor occupying the seat next to you. It also allows you to drive with a parent, legal guardian or responsible adult age 21 or older with a valid license for the type of vehicle you are driving and at least one year of driving experience. After you have successfully completed the driver education class, you may continue practice driving with your instruction permit, under the direct supervision of a responsible adult, as outlined above.


The Vision Screening Process in Illinois


All applicants must have a vision screening or submit a Vision Specialist Report completed by a licensed optometrist, ophthalmologist or physician dated within six months of your facility visit. 


Vision requirements include:

  • Minimum visual acuity of 20/40 with or without corrective lenses. Drivers with acuity between 20/41 and 20/70 are limited to daylight driving only.
  • At least 140 degree peripheral vision (the ability to see to the side) with or without corrective lenses.
  • If you wear glasses or contacts, a restriction will be noted on your license and you must always wear your glasses or contact lenses when operating a vehicle.
  • If you wear telescopic lenses, you must meet special requirements and undergo additional vision testing to receive your license.


The written basic exam requires you to:

  • Identify traffic signs by shape, color or symbol.
  • Identify signals and pavement markings.
  • Answer multiple choice and true/false questions about traffic laws, safety rules, crash prevention

and vehicle equipment.

Top Driver offers several different behind-the-wheel training packages. For more information about pricing and schedule availability for our adult driver education lessons please call 800-374-8373 to speak with one of our customer service representatives or contact us here.

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