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Keeping Your Car’s Value High

When you buy a car, you want to keep it in good working condition as long as possible. There are plenty of reasons to regularly maintain your car—spending money on your car now can lead to a longer life and less money spent on fixing problems down the road. It can also mean that you’ll get more money when you do decide to sell or trade in your vehicle.

Clean It
A clean car can get you a few hundred more dollars when you decide to sell. Regularly cleaning your car will make it easier to get it perfectly clean when it’s time to sell. Shampoo cloth seats and carpets, and use leather cleaner on seats. Vacuum out dust and dirt, and keep the inside nice and polished.

Get Regular Tune-Ups
Keeping your engine running smoothly will make your engine last longer, which will increase the value. Get your oil changed every few months, rotate your tires, and replace your brake pads when needed. If bigger issues do come up, get them checked out and fixed sooner rather than later so that they don’t become bigger problems.

Wax Your Car
A few times a year, wax the exterior of your vehicle. It will not only make it look nice and shiny, it will enhance and even preserve the color of the paint by preventing fading. It will also protect the surface. Since the exterior is the first thing a potential buyer sees, it’s important to keep it as pristine as possible.

Brighten Your Headlights
Over time, the covering on your headlights may become clouded, making your headlights seem duller and less clear. There are do it yourself cleaners and kits to brighten up your lights, but you can also bring it to a professional detailer or cleaner to do it.

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