Moving Between States – What You Need to Remember


When you’re moving from one state to another, there can be a lot to keep in mind. From securing a job to ensuring that all your belongings arrive safely, your moving checklist may be overwhelming already. However, Top Driver wants to make sure that you don’t forget some of the most important moving to-dos: securing the proper documents and information that you need to drive legally in your new state!

Notify Both States DMV

The first thing you should do to ensure a smooth transition is to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles in both states of your intentions to move as soon as possible. Confirm that your driving record and current licensure will not have any implications for your ability to legally drive in your new home state. You should also verify the appropriate timeline with your new state to ensure that you complete your transfer on time. For more information by state, visit

Cancel Your Old Vehicle Registration

Cancel your current state vehicle registration when your former state recommends; some states will require you to surrender your plates before you re-register in your new state while others will entrust you to recycle them as you see fit.

Transfer Your Drivers License

One of the first things you should do upon arrival in your new home state is to obtain your new drivers license. Take at least two forms of identification with you to the DMV to secure your new license. You’ll also need to pay for the license – the cost varies by state and age – so take cash or checks with you to secure payment.

Register Your Vehicle in Your New State

Before you register your new vehicle, you’ll need to get a copy of the title from your lender (if you have a lien on your vehicle and you’re in a state where your lien holder keeps your title). Take your title, drivers license, and any previous registration information to the DMV or Titling Agency with you.

Obtain Insurance

Make sure that you change your address and re-obtain an updated auto insurance policy for your new state. Depending on which state you’re leaving, your rate may go down!

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