What to Look for When Selecting Auto Insurance for New Drivers

auto insurance

Now that you or your child are getting ready to hit the road, it’s important to know the various requirements and options for auto insurance and what each type covers. When looking at an insurance policy for a new driver, be sure to consider the following:


Bodily-Injury Liability

If involved in a car crash, bodily-injury liability insurance will pay a claim against you if someone is injured or killed and you are at fault. Claims include costs such as hospital bills or legal fees. All vehicles operated in Illinois must be covered by this kind of liability insurance.


Property-Damage Liability

Another automobile insurance requirement in Illinois is property-damage liability insurance. This type of liability insurance covers the costs associated with the damage of another person’s property by your vehicle. Claims include damages to the other person’s car, possessions in the car, their house, telephone poles, or even traffic lights.


Uninsured-Motorist and Underinsured-Motorist

This kind of insurance pays for injuries to you and your passengers in case of a hit-and-run collision, uninsured motorist, or underinsured motorist. Uninsured motorist protects you if you are struck by another vehicle whose driver has no auto insurance. Underinsured motorist insurance helps to pay the costs that exceed what the other person’s insurance company pays.


In Illinois, you must have proof that your vehicle is insured in order to register it with the State. It’s important to always have a copy of your insurance card with you when you drive. Keep in in your wallet, or in your vehicle’s glove box to ensure that you always have that information available if needed. Visit the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State website for more information on mandatory insurance requirements.

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