Top Driver’s Specialized Driver Education Program

Are you familiar with ADHD or executive functioning issues? Both can make life and driving more difficult for your child, but it doesn’t mean they can’t safely operate a vehicle — they just need a driving program tailored to their needs.

While most people are familiar with ADHD, executive functioning issues do exist and impact many children and adults. While executive functioning issues is not an official diagnosis, it can make seemingly easy tasks seem daunting. Executive functioning issues cause weaknesses in attention span, time management and organization.


Symptoms of Executive Functioning Issues:

  • Short attention span
  • Lack of self-control to varying degrees
  • Trouble managing emotions
  • Memory recall issues
  • Disorganization
  • Emotionally driven responses
  • Impatience


Advantages of a Specialized Driver Education Program

Does your teen find it hard to focus on the traditional driving material provided? Specialized Driver Education Programs could make all of the difference. With a Top Driver Specialized Program you get:

  • Individualized graduated driver’s license plan meeting
  • 30 hours of tailored classroom instructionPrivate one-on-one modified final exam appointment
  • A student workbook specifically for teens with ADHD or similar condition
  • Prerequisite classroom training (prior to in-vehicle training)
  • Uniquely designed 18-hour Behind-The-Wheel Curriculum with a certified instructor
  • An individualized practice guide
  • “Parent Care” pre-license and post-license training courses to foster constructive parent coaching


Whether your teen is officially diagnosed with ADHD or they just have a difficult time concentrating, consider enrolling them in our Top Driver Specialized Education Program.

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