What is a specialized driver education program?

What is a Specialized Driver Education Program?

For drivers with ADHD and other executive-functioning disorders, it’s important to practice driving in a welcoming and calm environment with minimal distractions. A specialized driver education program provides individualized skill training that promotes new cognitive routines for the driver through coaching. Research has shown that using a coaching approach with this particular population is more effective than the traditional instructional driving approach.

In collaboration with Behind the Wheel with ADHD, Top Driver’s Specialized Driver Education Program provides training for executive-functioning disorders and also establishes regular behavioral routines for new drivers with ADHD. This program is only offered by experienced instructors who have been specifically trained in how to work with students who may not respond best to the traditional instructional approach.


What to Expect From a Specialized Driver Education Program

  • A knowledgeable driving coach with the necessary tools to support the teen driver as they learn to drive and manage distractions, impulsivity, and other impediments to safe driving.

  • Instructors will implement specific strategies to create a safer trip on the road for the teen driver with attention deficits.

  • Instructors will develop an effective pre-trip checklist and use an enhanced Driving Log for the student to record driving experiences for later review.

  • The driving school should also work with parents to create an Individualized Graduated License Plan (I.G.L.P.) for the new driver based on ADHD research (something we pride ourselves on at Top Driver).

  • In a specialized driver education program, instructors understand the impact of medications on driving performance and possess the experience on how to  coach teens that need medication to sustain their attention.


Top Driver’s Specialized Driver Education Program Includes

  • Individualized Graduated Driver’s License Plan (G.L.P.) meeting
  • Inclusion into 30 hours of classroom instruction with private one-on-one Modified Final Exam appointment.
  • Student will be provided with specially designed Student Workbook for maximized learning.
  • Student will complete classroom training, prior to beginning in-vehicle training.
  • Student will complete uniquely designed 10-hour or 18-hour Behind-The-Wheel Curriculum with specially trained and certified instructor.
  • Student will be provided with an individualized practice guide to be used with their parents.

Parent Care” pre-license (Coaching from the Passenger Seat) and post-license (Danger Zone) training courses included.

Safety Behind the Wheel

Being the Wheel ADHD Driving

Recent research suggests that drivers with ADHD are at increased risk to distractions resulting in increased driving violations or risky driving. Learning to control impulsive behavior through a specialized driver education program lowers the chance of a violation or collision. Safety behind the wheel is paramount. This is why it is crucial that young drivers with ADHD or other executive-functioning disorders enlist the help of a driving school with specialized and experienced instructors—instructors that understand the difficulties of executive functioning.

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