Adult Driver Education at Top Driver

adult driver education

Adult driver education is crucial to keeping the roads safe. As a first time driver, you will learn everything you need to know: proper technique to put the vehicle in motion, how to share the road, driving strategies for different scenes and how to avoid unsafe driving. Adult education is also a great way to brush up on old skills and refresh on the rules of the road.


It is important to note that by law, first-time driver’s license applicants aged 18-20 who have not completed driver education must successfully complete a six-hour adult driver education course through a certified adult driver education provider before obtaining a license. When applying for a driver’s license, you may be required to take vision, written and driving exams. Vision and written tests are required for the issuance or renewal of all permits. You are allowed three attempts to pass each of these exams within one year from the date you paid your application fee.


Knowing that adult life is hectic, Top Driver is determined to work with our students to make the process as enjoyable as possible providing:

  • Home or work pickup/dropoff
  • 90 minute lessons
  • Multi-hour discount packages
  • Bundled programs available for the Online and In-Vehicle Training portions
  • Training workbook included
  • Road Test Service


With driving comes a freedom to reach new places, but with that freedom comes responsibility. Teaching driver intelligence is the most important part of driver education in any stage of life. So, whether you’re looking to become licensed for the first time or looking for a refresher, Top Driver is committed to teaching safety and responsibility on the road.

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