6 Steps to Parallel Parking

parallel parking

Parallel parking is a skill that requires practice, patience and persistence. At first, it may seem like a daunting task that you’ll never master, but over time you will gain confidence and become more comfortable with parallel parking. Use the following six steps to parallel park the right way.


1.)  Find a spot that gives you enough space. One of the most common mistakes drivers make when trying to parallel park is attempting to park in a space that physically isn’t large enough. If you have to drive around a little longer to find the right space, take that extra time.


2.) Signal to the curb to notify vehicles in rear that you will be coming to a stop to park. Pull alongside the vehicle in front of the parking place, leaving about three feet between your vehicle and the parked vehicle.


3.) Position your rear bumper so that it is even with the rear bumper of the parked car. This will compensate for vehicles of different length.


4.) While looking over your right shoulder, turn your wheel to the right and back slowly. Your vehicle will be moving to the right rear of the parking space. When you are even with other vehicle’s rear bumper begin turning your wheel to the left to straighten your vehicle. Continue backing slowly and check around your vehicle.


5.) Start to center your steering wheel. When your vehicle is into the parking space, continue turning the wheel to the left. Check that your front right bumper avoids the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead.


6.) Center your vehicle in the space. Once your vehicle is positioned properly in the space, turn your wheel back to the middle, forward position. You can then turn your car off and safely exit the vehicle.


Following these steps will ensure you successfully and safely parallel park, even if it’s a task you’re uncomfortable doing. With practice and patience, and help from Top Driver’s instructors, you will quickly learn how to parallel park and be prepared for the driving test. Remain calm and take it slowly, and you’ll notice how much better you get at parallel parking each time you try it.

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