Why You Should Consider Becoming a Driver Education Instructor

driver education instructor

Becoming a driver education instructor requires time, patience, energy and focus. Parents and young drivers are counting on the instructors to be passionate teachers and give the students the time and attention that they need to become safe and responsible drivers. So what’s in it for driver ed instructors? Here’s why you should consider becoming a driver ed instructor with Top Driver:


  • It’s nice supplementary income. Most driver education programs are offered outside normal school hours and in the summer months. If you are a teacher and looking for summer employment, becoming a driver ed instructor is a great opportunity to stay busy in the summer and earn supplementary income.
  • It’s great experience to add to your resume. If you’re interviewing for a new position in the near future, especially as a school administrator, being a driver education teacher is a plus. The more experience and versatility you have on your resume, the more employable you are.
  • You’ll be joining a team of vibrant and passionate professionals. Our driver education instructors are passionate about teaching teens, as most have experience in teaching or coaching them. If you’re energetic and vibrant and care about continuing your own education, you may be a good fit.

Being an effective driver ed instructor requires that you deliver a premier driver education experience. It is a commitment, one that you should consider the advantages of if you fit the criteria above.  Top Driver has over thirteen years of experience teaching teens and adults to be safe and intelligent drivers. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about becoming a driver ed instructor at Top Driver, please call us at 1 (800) 374-8373.

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