What to Expect for Your First Behind-the-Wheel Lesson

behind-the-wheel lesson

As part of the Graduated Licensing Process, you will be required to complete in-vehicle training with a licensed driving instructor. Top Driver meets and exceeds the requirements set forth through its multiple program options. These in-vehicle lessons are designed to not only facilitate the development of basic vehicle control, but also to promote safe driving habits and aid in hazard recognition and avoidance. So, what can you expect from your first behind-the-wheel with an instructor?


Typically, Top Driver’s in-vehicle lessons are scheduled for 1 hour. These lessons may begin and end at a Top Driver Education Center or at your home, if you live in one of our home pick-up service areas. Remember that students are required to have their Instructional Permit in their possession each and every time they operate a motor vehicle. Lesson plans are designed to be flexible based on the comfort and skill level of each student. Top Driver’s goal is not to place students in situations they are not ready for, nor to limit their development as they advance. The best thing that you can do on your first drive is be honest with your instructor about what you do not know. This will allow the instructor to develop a plan that will work best for you. So, if they ask you to perform a turn or park somewhere you are not comfortable, calmly voice how you feel. They can help you learn the steps to perform the skill with ease. If you have already gone driving with a parent or guardian before your behind-the-wheel with your instructor and have a skill you feel confident in, be proud of that confidence! It’s also important to remember that you are a brand new driver and need to be very cautious at all times when driving.


We’re looking forward to teaching you the ins and outs of safe and intelligent driving! Schedule your behind-the-wheel today!

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