Parent’s Guide to Modeling Good Driving

modeling good driving

Remember when your little one would follow you around and mimic your every move? They were your “mini-me.”  Yet now, as a teen, things may be different.  It’s important to remember that many children will still do as you do even as they age.  Be sure to practice good technique on the road so you can serve as a good role model for your teen driver.


Practice good habits leading up to your drive. Are you physically and mentally ready to drive each time you get behind the wheel?  This means  being  in a neutral state of mind. You don’t want to be angry or distraught, which could impact your driving. You should be well rested and fed so that this does not become a distraction. You should never get behind the wheel when you have been drinking and you should demonstrate this to your children at a young age.


Safety first.  Remember that one time you decided not to wear your seatbelt? Well, your kid does.  There is no exception for you or your passengers when it comes to wearing a seat belt. If you make exceptions, they will think they can too.


Response to fellow drivers. When someone else on the road does something incorrectly or cuts you off, how do you respond?  Show your child you can remain calm, attentive, and confident even when things get frustrating on the road.


Rule follower.  Do you follow the speed limit? Do you come to a complete stop at a stop sign? Do you avoid distractions like using your cell phone, eating, and listening to loud music when driving? Do you want your child to? Lead by example, your teen is watching you.

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