Road Map to Obtaining a Driver’s Permit

obtaining a driver's permit

At 15 years of age in the state of Illinois, young adults are eligible for their driver’s permit.  This permit requires a trip to the Illinois Secretary of State Office along with a few other specifications.  Understand the application process as you embark on this exciting learning experience.


  1. You must first gain consent from a parent or guardian to obtain the permit.  With this consent, they are agreeing to guide you through the driving process as a coach behind the wheel and help you enroll in an educational program. They must be present when you visit the local Driver Service facility or Illinois Secretary of State Office.
  2. Enrollment in a driver education course is necessary to obtain a learner’s permit.  When visiting the Illinois Secretary of State Office, you must be currently enrolled in a class in progress or a class that begins in the next 30 days. Proof of enrollment must be presented during the application process.
  3. Bring $20 to pay the Illinois learner’s permit fee and provide proof of identity. For more information on the guidelines regarding proof of identity documents, visit the Illinois Secretary of State Office website here.
  4. While visiting the Illinois Secretary of State Office, you will be asked to participate in a vision screening and take a written test.  The written exam will cover material that can be found in the Illinois Driver Manual.


Once you have your driver’s permit, you can begin the behind-the-wheel portion of your course and practice with a parent, guardian, or adult of twenty-one years of age. This permit is valid for up to two years.

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