Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving: Let Us Strive to Be Better. What is distracted driving?   Distracted driving is defined as partaking in an activity behind-the-wheel that takes away from your responsibility of driving safely. Distractions can occur both inside and outside of your vehicle.  There are many statistics about distracted driving but think about this, there were 3,142 […]

what you should know traffic violations and michigan point system

What You Should Know: Traffic Violations & Michigan’s Point System

If you’re learning to drive or have just received a ticket, you might have some questions about Michigan’s point system: What is a point? How many are bad, and how long do points stay on my record? You’ll find those answers, details about some common traffic violations, and their respective point values below.  What the […]

blog header top 10 best and worst states for teen drivers

Top 10 Best & Worst States For Teen Drivers

While driver education instills universal principles, new drivers can have vastly different learning experiences from one another because driving environments vary drastically throughout the US. City or country roads, lenient or stringent insurance and safety laws, hilly or flat terrain — all of these variables play a big part in shaping how effectively a new […]

illustration of teen with a steering wheel

6 Teen Driver Safety Tips to Keep Out of Harm’s Way

One significant part of growing up in the US is getting your driver’s license — it’s almost a rite of passage. But operating a vehicle must be taken seriously. In fact, traffic crashes are still the leading cause of death of young adults. With the right education, hours of practical, behind-the-wheel training, and teen driver […]

blog header for natural laws of driving

What You Need to Know About the Natural Laws of Driving

All drivers should be aware of the natural laws of physics that affect any moving or stationary object.  While the rules of the road are of utmost importance to know and obey, understanding the natural laws of driving will help you be able to anticipate how your vehicle handles and reacts in various situations and […]

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