What is a remedial driving course?

What is a Remedial Driving Course?

Top Driver is an approved Illinois Secretary of State Driver Remedial Course provider. We offer more classes and driving lessons than any other driving school—giving you the flexibility to choose the class that best fits your schedule. Learn more about remedial driving courses and in what situations your teen could be required to take one.

What is a Remedial Driving Course?

As a condition for reinstatement of your driver’s license or permit following a suspension is your participation in an approved Graduate to Safety Driver Remedial Education Course. Drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 who have received two violations within 24 months, or who received a violation under the Zero Tolerance Law and received a suspension of their driver’s license, are required by the State of Illinois to complete the Driver Remedial Education course.

How Much Does a Remedial Driving Course Cost?

The Top Driver remedial driving course costs $80 (paid in advance) for drivers needing the course to fulfill the State-ordered Graduate to Safety Remedial Education Course requirement. A student can pay at the first day of class, but the course will cost $90 same day (cash only accepted day of class).

Top Driver is not responsible for drivers taking the incorrect class. Drivers will not be given a refund if the class has been completed. Please be sure you know exactly what class is required before you continue the registration process.

Am I Required to Take the Remedial Driving Course?

All drivers between the ages of 15 and 24 must complete this course IF they have received two violations within 24 months, or  received a violation under the Zero Tolerance Law and received a suspension of their driver’s license.

If you are being required by the State to complete the course, a notification letter will be mailed to you from the Illinois Secretary of State Driver Services Department.

What is the Illinois Zero Tolerance Law?

The State of Illinois’ Zero Tolerance Law pertains to drivers under age 21 who are caught with any trace of alcohol in his or her system. A police officer may request a chemical test after a traffic stop and issuance of a citation for any offense if officer has probable cause to believe an underage driver is under the influence. After administering such tests, the police officer submits a sworn statement to the Secretary of State’s office and the offender’s driver’s license is suspended. More severe punishments for such violations can occur.

Penalties Under the Illinois Zero Tolerance Law

Examples include:

  • If an under age driver (under 21) is convicted of a DUI, he or she will face revocation of their driving privileges for a minimum of two years for the first conviction.
  • If an under age driver is stopped and issued a ticket for a traffic violation and found to have alcohol in their system while operating a vehicle, his or her driving privileges will be suspended. If the driver refuses to submit to testing, their driving privileges will be suspended automatically.
  • If a driver’s license was suspended previously, the driver will be required to successfully complete a driver remedial education course to make their driving privileges valid again. In addition, they may be required to submit to a complete driver’s license examination to be re-issued a driver’s license.

When Are Top Driver Remedial Driving Courses Offered?

Classes are available at many of our Top Driver locations throughout Chicagoland. Contact for additional location details or any other related questions. You can  enroll in an upcoming class by calling the office at (800) 374-8373.

Upcoming Top Driver Remedial Driving Courses:

We currently host remedial driving classes once a month at our Lombard Classroom.

Lombard Classroom, 1125 S. Main Street, Lombard, IL (next to Enchanted Castle)

  • Lombard, IL – March 16, 2019 – 8:00 a.m. – noon

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