What is the Parent Care Program?

What is the Parent Care Program?

The Parent Care program is comprised of two courses “Coaching From the Passenger Seat” and “Danger Zone Training.” This exemplary program was developed in association with Mike Pehl, a 30 year veteran crash investigator and driving educator, to combat common driving issues and dangers.

Mike’s passion for teaching parents and new drivers about how to keep them safe through lifetime driving strategies as well as Top Driver’s commitment to Driver Intelligence™ has inspired this one-of-kind driver education initiative. The Parent Care Program strives to reduce the risk of teen driver deaths through excellent training, many hours of supervised driving, and maintaining awareness.

What’s Included in “Coaching From the Passenger Seat”?

This particular course in the Parent Care Program is a pre-license online course for Top Driver Parents. It is included with all Gold, Platinum and Diamond Program options. The course reviews a series of 12 engaging video modules detailing how to best coach your teen driver during the pre-licensing period. The instructor provides a unique perspective and no-nonsense teaching style to walk parents through the behind the wheel process for their newly driving teen. Parent involvement is critical in improving teen driver safety since parents are the unofficial “driving coaches” who help their teen learn to drive and lead the licensing process. View additional parent resources here.

What’s Included in the “Danger Zone” Course?

The popular and informative “Danger Zone’ course is a post-license online course for Top Driver Teens. Just like “Coaching From the Passenger Seat,” this course is included with all Gold, Platinum and Diamond Program plans. This course involves a series of 12 brief video lessons delivered by Mike, a seasoned driving educator. In this course teens will discover the main cause of collisions involving new drivers and how teens can remain aware of these danger zones. Strategies for overcoming these danger zones and driving issues are detailed for the teen driver in the videos.

In addition, parents will receive an email two times a month for the first 6 months after their teen obtains their license. These emails act as notification that one of the Parent Care Program lessons is available for viewing. The lessons are delivered in an energetic and engaging manner and range from 2-12 minutes each.

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